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Please note that there will be no exchange or refund for used and discounted tires.


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Due to's affiliation to a certified high-performance tire workshop, considering that tire dimensions are becoming more and more low profile, considering that mags are becoming more popular and fragile, considering that more and more cars are equipped with a TPMS system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), recommends installing your tires at your car dealership.

Please note that has not made an agreement with any retailer in regard to tire installation.


For instance: 195/65R15 91H

- 195 refers to the width of an inflated tire, measured from one sidewall to the other in millimeters.

- 65 is a serie, in other words, it represents the height of the sidewall measured to the width of the tire shown in percentage form.

- R refers to the type of radial construction of the tire's casing. This type of construction is an industry standard.

- 15 is the diameter of the rim in inches.

- 91 refers to the carrying capacity according to the industry's established chart.

- H is a speed symbol that shows the maximum speed at which a passenger vehicle can be subjected to.

Q = 160 KM/H, R = 170 KM/H, S = 180 KM/H, T = 190 KM/H, U = 200 KM/H, H = 210 KM/H, V = 240 KM/H, W = 270 KM/H, Y = 300 KM/H, Z = over 240 KM/H


Indeed, there is a large demande for these types of tires. There are many reasons for choosing to buy used tires, such a rented car returned or the high cost of new tires.

Every used tire offered by is first of all installed on a rim in order to monitor any emissions or defect in shape. Any defective tire is automatically sent out to be recycled. If there's a repairable emission on the tire, it will be fixed according to industry standards. In other words, with a patch that is pasted inside the tire. If the emission is not repairable, the tire will be automatically sent out to be recycled.



 * As the majority of tire manufacturers offer an eligible mail-in rebate when purchasing 4 tires online, PNEUSBASPRIX.COM INC. offers information on possible mail-in rebate offered by manufacturers, however PNEUSBASPRIX.COM INC. assumes no responsibility in cases where a manufacturer refuses eligibility to mail-in rebate. The eligibility or ineligibility to mail-in rebate offered is decided solely by the manufacturer.